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Frequent questions

Why do I need a merchant processing account?

A merchant account allows you to have the full payment processing abilities of large businesses, offering you flexibility and protection that isn't always found with "light" versions payment processing options

Do I need this if I already use PayPal?

Besides pricing advantages, having a bank sponsored merchant account gives you credibility with your customers and offers payment options to your customers who do not want to use PayPal.

Does this substitute Shopify Payments?

If you're using Shopify Payments, then you already know the high cost involved. Add a real merchant account option to your backend in order to save money on your processing fees.

Do I have to use this with a Groove.cm account?

No! Absolutely not. Though we do find that using Groove Pay with Groove.cm can greatly reduce costs and increase your profit by having the number #1 fastest growing all-in-one CRM platform working for your business, you can use Groove Pay only for processing if you chose to stick with your current solutions.

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Groove Pay along with Groove.cm is the ideal way to create your dream business online under one account.

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